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selected short stories

elegies in the dust cover.JPG

Elegies in the dust

Through gritty narratives, essays, and poetry, Elegies in the Dust delves into universal themes of resilience, hope, and the quest for dignity amidst adversity. Emphasizing its mission, all proceeds from this charity anthology will go to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, serving as a poignant reminder to confront injustices and stand in solidarity with silenced voices.

Elegies in the Dust is a joint publication by Anxiety Press & Outcast Press and includes LG's short story, "Human Landfill".

hunger cover.JPG


Urban Pigs Press presents the Hunger anthology, a collection of 23 stories by 23 different authors. From gritty crime, realism, horror and everything in between. All profits will go directly to FIND - Families in Need to help tackle the global issue of hunger.

A collection of stories that are as close to the bone in literary class as they are in their scathing analysis of a broken society. -Stephen J. Golds, author of Say Goodbye When I’m Gone.

Hunger includes LG's short story, "Four".

put out the lights and cry cover.JPG

Put Out the Lights and Cry

What could be more noir than a diner? From the greasy spoon to the gourmet sit-in, these stories show why diners aren’t family friendly. Diners are the place where heists are plotted, bodies get dumped behind, and police are tipped off. These eateries host every crime from domestic disputes and drug deals to premeditated murder and mob mutiny. It's all fluorescent-lit, fly-riddled entertainment to the drunk, recovering, or wish-they-were.

Published by Outcast Press, Put Out the Lights and Cry is edited by Craig Clevenger and includes LG's short story, "Moths".


True Tales from the Sea | published by Open Book Unbound

"True Tales from the Sea by a Fisherman's Wife", a short story by LG Thomson, published by Open Book Unbound. 

Read the story here.

Listen to the podcast here

unbound II cover.jpg

Unbound II

The Open Book Unbound programme provided online sessions, a weekly newsletter, a podcast and a newly commissioned story during lockdown. Since then, it has evolved but continues to publish new work. The Unbound series asks us to step outside ourselves, connect with others, and see the world differently.

Published by Open Book, Unbound II features writing by Alice Ash, Heather Parry, John Glenday, Thomas Hardy & Edwin Morgan, and includes "Inside Her Leg" by LG Thomson.

Inside Her Leg | published by Open Book Unbound

"Inside Her Leg", a short story by LG Thomson, published by Open Book Unbound. 

Read the story here.

Listen to the podcast here

bonemilk cover.JPG

The Bonemilk Collective Vol.1

"Twin" by LG Thomson is included in the Bonemilk Collective Volume 1, published by Gutslut Press, edited & compiled by Ami J. Sanghvi & PD Hogan.


Shipbuilding | published by Open Book Unbound

"Shipbuilding", a short story by LG Thomson, published by Open Book Unbound. 

Read the story here.

Listen to the podcast here

wyldblood cover.JPG

Wyldblood Magazine

"Glopop" by LG Thomson is one of 10 brand new science fiction and fantasy stories featured in Issue 6 of Wyldblood Magazine. Described by editor Mark Bilsborough as "our most thoughtful collection yet, but it's packed with action and the tone is distinctly edgy."

a ghost for christmas cover.JPG

A Ghost for Christmas

A Ghost for Christmas is a treasure trove of ghost stories: some will terrify, while others will make you smile and cry at the same time. Each story is a doorway for you to open, walk through, and explore what’s on the other side...

Published by Crowvus, A Ghost for Christmas includes LG's "Salt Dough Stars".

epoch cover.jpg

Epoch: Aftermath

The 29 pieces included in Epoch's 2nd issue look beyond the assumed to investigate the spectrum of emotions that highlight the nuances of the after. Aftermath is a call for solidarity, for a community that will not turn away from hurt and injustice but face it with compassion and integrity. Aftermath is published by Epoch Press and includes "skinscape" by LG Thomson.

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