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LG Thomson's thrillers are page-turning books with a whole load of attitude. Her compelling characters, gallows humour and gripping plots guarantee a riveting read. Writing as Lorraine Thomson, she is also the author of The New Dark dystopian trilogy. Her latest books are narrative memoirs. Modernist Dreams Brutalist Nightmares explores her experience of being part of the first generation to grow up in Cumbernauld, the most experimental and ambitious of Scotland's New Towns, while Bitter Fruit is set in the 1980s. Scroll down for more info.   Modernist Dreams Brutalist Nightmares : e-book | paperback   

Modernist Dreams Brutalist Nightmares book cover
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Bitter Fruit

 Out now    

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In this much-anticipated sequel to Modernist Dreams Brutalist Nightmares, LG Thomson's personal story plays out against a background of Mutually Assured Destruction, acid rain, industrial unrest, and UK unemployment hitting an all-time high. Set in 1980s Scotland (with cameos from London) and featuring tales of sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, hippies and punks, nightmares and masks, dreams and hopes, Bitter Fruit is a frank and darkly funny read about enduring the bleakest of times. The book includes a playlist along with contemporary photographs and sketches by the author. 

LG Thomson author

There's a deadly duo at the heart of this twisting noir crime thriller. With lust, murder, and a diamond heist in the picture, prepare yourself for a view of the Scottish Highlands you won't get on any glossy calendar. 

LG Thomson author

Charlie Boyle has gone to ground in this fast paced sequel to Boyle's Law but he can't stay hidden forever and when Glasgow hard man Lenny Friel uses Boyle’s daughter to flush him out, Charlie finds himself under more pressure than ever.

LG Thomson author

A rogue prion disease has wiped out most of the world's population. Violent mobs rule the streets. Pests and parasites thrive, and the worst winter in decades is about to descend. A book about tomorrow for the  world we live in today.

LG Thomson author

Ten people are stranded on a remote island. With uneasy undercurrents from the start it's not long before ten becomes nine but how many will make it off the island alive? Inspired by true events, Erosion is a real edge of the cliff thriller.

"Boyle's Law - a belter of a noir novel. The pace is relentless from start to finish. Easily on par with the best Scottish crime novels." 
John Gerard Fagan, author of Fish Town

LG Thomson author
LG Thomson author
LG Thomson author

The New Dark | a dystopian trilogy

In the aftermath of a global catastrophe, the all-consuming battle to find food and stay alive allows no time to teach or learn. Within a generation, the knowledge of the preceding centuries has gone. There is no technology. The event has wiped out large animals, birds, and most people. Fallout causes genetic mutations. The post apocalyptic world is fraught with danger. Sorrel is part of a small community living off the land. She has found love, but everything she cherishes is destroyed when her village is invaded by a gang of brutal mutants. Now she is alone and her survival depends on the kindness of strangers… welcome to The New Dark.

Live Literature

LG Thomson has extensive experience of running creative writing workshops and is listed on the Scottish Book Trust Author Directory. If you are a school, library, community group or not-for-profit organisation based in Scotland and would like to commission LG for an event you can apply for partial funding via the Live Literature programme. 

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